Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is effective October 31, 2019

Chingon Restaurant Concepts (“CRC”) is committed to maintaining the privacy and security of your user information. We may update this policy from time to time, so please check here frequently. 

CRC is committed to safeguarding your privacy while visiting the CRC website, namely, (hereinafter all identified URLs are collectively referred to as the “Site”). Our goal is to provide you with an Internet experience that delivers the information, resources and services that are most relevant to you. To achieve this goal, part of the operation of the Site includes the gathering of certain types of information about Site users. Because we understand that your privacy is important, we wish to explain the types of information we gather and the way in which we use it. This Privacy Policy applies to the Site.

This Privacy Policy covers two types of information gathered at the Site, personally identifiable information and aggregated information


The term “personally identifiable information” refers to data you voluntarily provide in connection with use of the Site that identifies you and/or the company on whose behalf you are accessing and using the Site. Personal information includes, e.g., data submitted in connection with our services, such as your name, e-mail address, phone number, company affiliation, physical address and/or certain other contact information. We may collect this information when you call or email us, submit an information request about our restaurant through social media or a third-party. 


We take the utmost care to ensure that the personally identifiable information we obtain from you is used for only the purposes specified in this Privacy Policy and as may be specifically disclosed at the time of such information gathering. Personally identifiable information may be used for the following: 

  • Send marketing communications or surveys to you
  • Respond to your questions or suggestions

CRC does not sell, rent, or share any of your personally identifiable information with any third-party; however, CRC may, with your consent or at your request, share such information for licensing or franchising purposes. In such circumstance, you should also review the Privacy Policy applicable to such third-party before consenting or requesting such disclosure. Under no circumstance does CRC use your personally identifiable information for unapproved commercial purposes. 


By providing information to the CRC through the Site or its social media platfomrs you are consenting to CRC’s collection and use of your personally identifiable information in any manner that is consistent with uses stated in this Privacy Policy, unless you state otherwise at the time you submit your personally identifiable information or at the time in which you follow the procedures below to specifically withdraw your consent. By using the Site you are representing to CRC that you have the authority to act on behalf of the person or entity for whom you are providing personally identifiable information. 


You may request to have your personally identifiable information removed from our lists at any time by taking one or more of the following steps: 

  • Email the CRC at [email protected] and request removal of your personally identifiable information. This is the most efficient manner of ensuring removal of all personally identifiable information maintained by the CRC.
  • Click on the Unsubscribe button at the end of any email communication you receive from the CRC. Please be aware that sometimes your personally identifiable information may have been obtained for more than one purpose and may be maintained on more than one “list.” As a result, you may have to unsubscribe from more than one email. 


There are two occasions in which CRC is allowed, and may be required, to share your personally identifiable information; 

  • CRC, when it has a good faith reason to do so, may disclose information to protect the security, property, assets and/or rights of CRC from unauthorized use, or misuse, of the Site or anything found at the Site.
  • CRC may disclose personally identifiable information when required by law; however, such information will be disclosed to the minimum extent necessary and in a manner uses reasonable efforts to maintain the privacy of individual information.


The term “aggregated information” refers to general information regarding visitors and users of the Site that relates to use of the Site, e.g., traffic patterns, number of visits to certain pages, visits from other web sites or to third-party web sites linked to the Site, the type of browser or operating system used to access the site, and the identify of webpages accessed. Aggregate information is not linked to any personally identifiable information. 

Aggregated information is used to improve the quality of your visit to our Site. We monitor aggregated data regarding use of the Site for marketing purposes and to study, improve and promote use of the Site. In connection with such purposes, CRC may share aggregated data with third parties collectively and in an anonymous way. Disclosure of aggregated data does not reveal personal information about individual Site users in any way that identifies who they are or how to contact them.


To enable features at the Site, CRC may assign one or more “cookies” to your Internet browser. Cookies, among other things, speed navigation through our Site, keep track of information so that you do not have to re-enter it each time you visit our Site, and may provide you with customized content. A cookie is an Internet mechanism composed of a small text file containing a unique identification number that permits a web server to send small pieces of information or text by means of your browser and place them on your computer’s hard drive for storage. This text lets the web server know if you have previously visited the web page. Cookies by themselves cannot be used to find out the identity of any user.

We use cookies to collect and maintain aggregated data (such as the number of visitors) to help us see which areas are most popular with our users and improve and update the content on our site. While in the process of browsing our site, you also provide us with information that doesn’t reveal your personal identity. We use this aggregated data only as explained in this Privacy Policy. We do not connect aggregated data to any name, address, or other identifying information.

You may occasionally receive cookies from unaffiliated companies or organizations, to the extent they place advertising on our Site or are linked to the Site. These third-party cookies may collect information about you when you “click” on their advertising or content or link. This practice is standard in the Internet industry. Because of the way in which the Internet operates, we cannot control collection of this information by these third parties, and these cookies are not subject to this Privacy Policy.


Some browsers have a ”do not track” feature that lets you tell websites that you do not want to have your online activities tracked. At this time, we do not respond to browser ”do not track” signals and treat all users the same regardless of whether such “do not track” feature is enabled.


CRC with guests on multiple social media platforms (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter). If you contact us on one of our social media platforms, request information via social media, or otherwise direct us to communicate with you via social media, we may contact you via direct message or use other social media tools to interact with you. In these instances, your interactions with us are governed by this Privacy Policy as well as the privacy policy of the social media platform you use.


Please be aware that CRC has not designed this Site for, and does not intend for it to be used by, anyone under age 18. Accordingly, this Site should not be used by anyone under age 18. Our privacy policy prohibits us from accepting users who are under the age of 18. CRC specifically requests that persons under the age of 18 not use this Site or submit or post information to the Site. Should CRC inadvertently acquire personal information or other data from users under the age of 18, Restaurant will not knowingly provide this data to any third party for any purpose whatsoever, and any subsequent disclosure would be due to the fact the user under age 18 used the Site and submitted personal information without solicitation by or permission from CRC.


CRC may provide links to a number of other web sites that we believe might offer you useful information and services. However, those sites may not follow the same privacy policies as the CRC. Therefore, we are not responsible for the privacy policies or the actions of any third parties, including without limitation, any web site owners whose sites may be reached through this Site, nor can we control the activities of those web sites. We urge you to contact the relevant parties controlling these sites or accessing their online policies for the relevant information about their data collection practices before submitting any personal information or other sensitive data.


Use of the Site signifies your consent, as well as the consent of any company or individual on whose behalf you use the Site and whose information you submit (if any), to this online Privacy Policy, including the collection and use of information by CRC, as described in this policy, and also signifies agreement to the terms of use for the Site. 

Policy Modifications & Contacting CRC

The CRC reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time; notice of changes will be published on this page. Changes will always be prospective, not retroactive. If you have questions about our policies, please contact:

[email protected]